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People looking for legal counsel may have concerns about finding the appropriate attorney for their needs.  If they have not been able to obtain recommendations through bar referral services or other sources, their primary concerns often involve questions of competence, trust, responsiveness, and fees.

I believe that people should have the opportunity to compare service providers and a chance to make a suitable and informed choice.  If you are looking for an attorney, you can contact more than one potential counsel, to be able to retain the attorney you feel will assist you best.

Please browse through this web site to learn about me and see if I might be the right counsel to help you.  My practice is focused in New York on (i) commercial real estate and construction, (ii) helping small and medium sized businesses, and (iii) helping other organizations, such as non-profits, but I will consider other matters if I feel I will be able to help.  After reviewing this web site, if you feel I might be able to assist you, please contact me to arrange an appointment for a consultation by telephone or in person.  I will address all of your concerns in the consultation.

Please note that this web site is only for information and personal opinion purposes.  Nothing contained in this web site consists of or should be interpreted as legal advice.  I will offer legal advice only if an acceptable written retainer is entered into, signed, and delivered by all concerned parties.

Thank you for your interest.

Bohdan (Bud) S. Kosovych