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Small businesses are facing tough challenges these days.  Among all the information and publicity forecasting economic doom and gloom and reminding us how hard it is to run a small business, I would like to offer something positive.  It is the information in a book titled Talent is Overrated, by Geoff Colvin (Portfolio, Penguin Group, 2010).  The author has brought together the results of a lot of scientific research, pointing to what makes top-rate performance happen in individuals and organizations.  Much of the research results run counter to what most people believe — that great performance comes from either innate ability or plain hard work.  The author explains how a specific type of hard work, called "deliberate practice," generates the outstanding results over time, and that the ability to improve performance is actually available to everyone at any age.  There are suggestions about what organizations can do to improve performance.  I recommend this interesting and inspiring book to small business owners, and to everyone.  Bohdan Kosovych